Learn how to perform asanas using the wall ropes. Each pose is presented broken down into easily-understood steps, with clear written instructions and full-color photographs illustrating each step, and many show a number of variations to the basic pose as well. Each pose includes Method, Contraindications, Benefits, Common Difficulties, and Where to Go from Here. Contents include: Table of Contents, Foreword by Patricia Walden, Introduction, History of Yoga with Ropes, Tying the Ropes, five sections of Asanas with detailed Contents, Cycles putting Asanas together, Further Resources, Appendices, and Index.

“It is a joy to see how this book has come together: the poses, the instructions, the history, how so many students and teachers have been included in the photos. BKS Iyengar often said that dedicated practitioners and students should come together to share freely their experiences of yoga with one another so that all may benefit from this sacred art. I applaud the Boston Yoga Ropes Collective for sharing their work and wish you all many wonderful practices.”

Patricia Walden, Boston

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Yoga Kurunta: Learning the Ropes is a comprehensive guide to using wall ropes in your yoga practice. Most Iyengar teachers and many students have used wall ropes to enhance their learning of asana, or as therapeutic solutions during a time of injury. However, until now there have been very few resources that show how to use the ropes in detail. A small group of dedicated ropes teachers and practitioners in Boston created the Boston Yoga Ropes Collective to create new resources that have:

  • breadth – most of the poses from the Iyengar Introductory 1 and 2 syllabi, about 45 poses in total
  • depth – variations within most poses and cycles, over 100 variations in total
  • scope – hundreds of photographs, plus written descriptions.

Yoga Kurunta is available as a downloadable PDF.

The wirebound printed version of the book is out of print, with no plans to reprint it.

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